Twitch Streaming

Twitch Streaming

I’ve recently started streaming development of the game.  This is always late at night and is usually at least a few hours, sometimes several and I usually have a specific goal; setting up NPC’s, fixing a bug, making new art/content.  I plan on continuing this effort on a near-daily basis very soon, but being a stay-at-home dad kind of forced me to take a break when my daughter got sick.  And in my opinion, if you don’t catch whatever your kids have, then you’re not doing a very good job caring for them…

So I’m sick now and as such haven’t streamed in a few days.  This weekend also happens to be my daughter’s birthday weekend and we’re going out of town until next Thursday.  That basically means that I’m taking a forced hiatus from the game in general as well as streaming.

But this also means that when I get back I’ll be setting up a better schedule and be posting here and on Twitter, etc. more regularly.  I’m taking this down time off-stream to fix bugs and dial in some mechanics that haven’t always been right on the mark for me.  Some of these included the jump animation, potions, firing arrows and stealth, and of course the often super broken inventory system.

So I’ll be writing a new post shortly about all these updates to the game.

Please check out the stream if you’re interested in giving your input or just watching how certain things are made.


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