Swords ‘n Magic and Me

Swords ‘n Magic and Me

On October 3rd, 2017 I sat down at my desk and decided that I was going to make a video game.

Now, I’d made a lot of video games before.  Small, dumb video games.  Flash games, to be exact.  But I had just graduated from college at 29 and realized that my 10 years of game making really hadn’t got me anywhere.  I had yet to make a dime making games and here I was with a game-focused art degree and nothing but time ahead of me to do something with it.

Initially I thought, “Hey, let’s go apply to some AAA studios in Seattle and start making some money!” but I’m a stay at home dad to a 3 year old and my wife loves her job here in Arizona.  And to be honest, being a slave to the AAA industry sounds like fun, but I know I wouldn’t last more than 5 years.

So I decided that I’d finally put some actual time into doing something I love. If I could put 3+ years into a college degree and graduate at the top of my class, I could put 6 months into a tiny indie game and get $1000 in sales.  Which is my goal, by the way.  And it will remain my goal for the length of this development, regardless of how much I put into the game or how terrible it turns out.

So after two days of working on a top down point and click idea I’d been mulling around with for a few weeks I decided I hate game development.  Luckily, a friend of mine gave me a nice pep talk and a slap across the face and told me “Why don’t you start with something you already know how to do?”

I wasn’t much of a stranger to Unreal Engine, but I really only knew the basics.  So I started again with this mentality.  Only do what I know.  So I set up some animations and built basic character movement mechanics.  I started with no ideas or expectations and within two days I had my grand plans laid out with a poorly designed roadmap of how I was going to accomplish them.  That roadmap mainly consisted of a lot of Google searches and forum questions.  But at least I had some motivation, an idea and most importantly, a plan.


The rest is history.

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