November Update

November Update

I’m getting worse and worse at this it seems.

Swords ‘n Magic and stuff has gone through a lot of changes over the last year, but 13 months into development (1 month on the latest revision) and the game is looking and feeling very solid.

I’m still streaming the development full time over at so please come join us!

So what has changed, exactly?


The new revisions include a shift in game loop focus from explore, fight monsters, collect loot to include more options for players to enjoy the world. A lot of these include more life sim-esque features as well. Now the game has a rich crafting system where you collect and discover recipes and resources throughout the world to make unique weapons, items and even furniture for your house(s). The game also has a fully functioning mount system now that lets you traverse the new, much larger, open world map much easier. Collect mounts and use specially cooked food to increase their stats permanently.

The game is coming along great after only a month and I have a very confident April release date planned for Early Access through Steam.

Hope to catch you in a live stream and I can’t wait to get more content rolling out to you here!

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