The End of a Hiatus

The End of a Hiatus

My family and I moved a few weeks ago. My wife was relocated for a promotion and we ended up in a new state. We were very excited about the move, but boy was it a stressful affair. Because of the hectic nature of moving to a completely new state where you don’t know anyone I took a much needed hiatus from SnM.

But I’m back. And since I was able to get so far away from the project I realized that it was a bit of a mess. Our feature creep got way out of hand, like always, and it was time to reign it back in. In order to keep myself from cancelling the project I decided to first attempt a redesign using all the same mechanics and assets already created to build something far more manageable.

With a heavy heart, I chose to stray far from the open world sandbox feel I had originally been aiming for. That game needed a team of 6 people and another year of development to bring to fruition and I don’t have that luxury in my current position. The redesign introduces a much requested PVP feature, but removes much of the coop content originally planned.

The new design pits two teams of 4 to 6 players against each other in small battlegrounds. Combine a weapon, ability and utility item choice to create a team composition to defeat your enemies and upgrade your items throughout the match to shift the tides of battle.

I know many of you will be disappointed with this new design, but if Swords ‘n Magic is ever to be released, it needed it’s wings clipped.

My hope is that this game will be somewhat successful enough to grow from and eventually bring those grandiose dreams to life in the future.

Thanks for your ongoing support and feedback and don’t forget to stop by to watch the game come to life right in front of your eyes!

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