I am now Kindred Games!

I am now Kindred Games!

Today I filed for a new LLC.  The game was originally planned to release under Everbrave Interactive, which was reflected in my Twitch channel, but due to some possible future complications with other members of the company, I thought it best to launch this under a separate, solely owned entity.

So I’m officially operating under Kindred Games!  Well… I will be… once the paperwork goes though.

This won’t change anything about the game.  I’m still working solo on it as I always have been and will still stream all my development.

What it WILL change is my Twitch URL, which means you might run into some 404 errors over the next couple weeks in case I miss one.  If so, please let me know in the Discord.

The new URL is https://www.twitch.tv/kindreddev

If you haven’t caught a stream yet, please come visit! We have a lot of fun.

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