Site update and game progress!

Site update and game progress!

I seem to be getting worse and worse about posting here.  But here I am, and I’ve updated the site’s headers to better work with the new direction the site needs to be moving in.  In addition, I’ve added a much-requested media section that shows off some screenshots from the current game world.

I can’t wait to keep filling up that media section with new areas. Stay tuned for more!



Recently on livestream we’ve been working on a new area in the game called Moonberry Farms.  It’s a small, rural farm that grows, you guessed it, Moonberries which is made into Moonbery Tonic and Moonberry Juice, both items which give you some special boosts for the duration of the day.

Moonberry Farms entrance

The farm is also home to what used to be harmless, inanimate scarecrows, but a traveling wizard has since enchanted them to protect the farm against the thieving Orcs, who have been stealing the farm’s goods.

The enchantment backfired and the scarecrows have begun attacking anything they lay their eyes on.  The farmers are scared and need help, but they don’t trust these new adventurers around the land after the wizard goofed so badly.

Could you prove to them that not all adventurers are so inadequate?

A surprisingly unfriendly scarecrow

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